About Negin Gohar Jonoob

Negin Gohar Jonoob Company has been active in the field of supply and distribution of spare parts for light and heavy machinery since 1984, and has had extensive activities in the field of supplying the required equipment during the past 36 years.

Fabric fittings

This product is used to absorb vibration and amortize unwanted movements due to thermal expansion and contraction of Demord.

Flexible metal hose

This product is used to transfer a wide range of liquids, including gaseous liquids, liquids such as water, oil and chemicals.

Accordion fittings

Flexible connections are used to absorb the resulting movements and prevent them from being transmitted to existing devices and pipelines.

Rubber shock absorber

Seismic is a tool to prevent unwanted vibrations and vibrations on pipelines. They have many uses.